Hourly Consulting Program

Hourly Consulting is a flexible and affordable option if you are seeking sound financial guidance delivered in a deliberate, goal-oriented manner. You get as much assistance as you need, when you need it throughout your life. 

Benefits of the Hourly Consulting Program
The more you are able tp understand and manage your wealth, the more prepared you are to achieve your goals and dreams. But managing your financial future is a complex process that involves careful consideration of your short and long-term goals. The Hourly Consulting Program through LPL Financial provides a great method to ensure that your chosen path becomes the focus of your financial strategy.

Hourly consulting services include specific financial problem-solving and consulting in areas that are somewhat different than the services offered through traditional, comprehensive financial planning. As evidenced by the range of the following services, there are many potential situations in which we can provide valuable, targeted services. The cost for hourly consulting are based upon an hourly rate, which is fully disclosed in a written engagement agreement. You get essential financial guidance is those areas that are most important to you:

Asset Allocation

Many investors have assets in company retirement
plans, as well as at LPL Financial. We can provide you
with a comprehensive view of your asset allocations
to help you better plan your long-term goals.

Goal Planning

Addressing specific concerns in a focused manner
can clear the path for greater progress. We can
help you implement a strategy for one or two core
goals and track your progress, making necessary
adjustments as needed.

Business Planning

Receive professional advice on a variety of topics,
including succession planning, entity planning,
retirement plan evaluation and cash management.
We can provide valuable advice for navigating
these areas

Education Planning

There are a variety of savings vehicles specifically
tailored for education that can help you work
toward your funding goals, including 529 plans and
Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. By starting
a disciplined savings plan now, you will be in a
position to address your child’s education needs in
the future.

Estate Planning

We can help beneficiaries set up estate accounts,
determine date of death values and handle asset
transfers on behalf of beneficiaries. When your
family is meeting the challenges that accompany
the loss of a loved one, we can relieve your stress
by assisting with your family’s financial matters.

Cost Basis Tracking

Investors often find that they have incomplete cost
basis records of the assets they own due to longterm
buy and hold strategies, generational stock
transfers, mergers, acquisitions or stock splits. As
a result, arriving at an accurate cost can be difficult.
We have access to a securities pricing database
that can be used to track down historical prices
of many individual securities on any given day
throughout the past decades.

There is no assurance that the hourly consulting program will yield positive outcomes. The purchase of certain securities may be required to effect some of the strategies. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.

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