Retirement Planning in Pasadena-Bayport TX

Petrochem Advisors

Petrochem Advisors is an independent family based agency with over three decades of experience. Our advisors are proud to live and provide sound retirement planning services to the petrochemical workforce in the Pasadena Bayport community and throughout Southeast Texas. We strive to build lasting relationships by treating clients like family and take very seriously the responsibility of protecting and growing our clients’ hard-earned money because we know how important it is to take care of family. In these difficult times, we are determined to bring the same passion, energy, and commitment that has helped us forge so many great relationships through the years. Our experts specialize in helping families live financially healthy lives and developing effective retirement plans that serve their unique needs. Client education, open communication and integrity are vital to every retirement planner on our experienced staff. We work to inform and empower our clients, and build secure retirement plans on a strong foundation. In doing so, we will act openly, honestly, and always have our clients’ best interests at heart.


Where Do I Start?

With an expert! Planning for retirement can be an ominous task, and no two retirement plans are the same. A certified retirement financial planner from Petrochem Advisors can help you navigate through the noise to find an effective retirement planning strategy that you are comfortable with and that serves you. Once we have established your goals and expectations for retirement, as well as an expected timeline, our expert retirement planners can offer you a variety of options to customize your plan.


 Retirement Planning Options:

  • 401(k)- is an employer sponsored retirement account in which you contribute a portion of your pre-tax pay to tax deferred investments. This is often the first step when planning for retirement and especially beneficial if your employer matches a portion of your contribution. Money contributed to this plan does not count towards your income tax considerations in that year, providing initial tax relief.
  • Traditional IRA- is an Individual retirement account that is contributed to pre-tax, like the 401(k), but not provided by an employer. It has similar features to the 401(k). Money put into an IRA is not taxed when contributed but is due upon withdrawal, but the contribution limits of an IRA are much lower than that of a 401(k)
  • Roth IRA- is an Individual retirement account that is taxed upon contribution. This means that when it is time to withdraw from this account, no additional taxes come out. Any interest collected and gains to your Roth IRA will be tax-free.

These are the common retirement planning accounts utilized in the United States, but other options exist. Non-profit organizations have their specialized options, as well as small businesses and self-employed individuals. Other retirement plans are hybrids, with features of 401(k) plans and Roth IRA options. We know all about these options! If you fall within the typical three choices, you may be wondering if you need the assistance of a professional.


Do I Need a Retirement planner?

Everyone knows a 401(k) is essential when available. But did you know that 401(k) investment choices are limited, and companies often impose a waiting period before allowing enrollment? Did you know that there is an age at which you will be forced to withdraw from the program? The prospect of borrowing from your 401(k) is daunting, with many restrictions and many opportunities to damage your retirement fund. So is a Roth IRA the solution? You can indeed withdraw from a Roth IRA before retirement, but you have to have been paying in for at least five years, and the amount of money you can contribute to these plans is far less than a 401(k). Suppose you decide to invest in this plan. Do you know the right balance of stocks, mutual funds, CD’s and bonds to maximize the growth of your contributions while protecting against unexpected costs and market volatility?


Go with an Independent expert

The truth is, you need an expert in your corner to help you to your destination, wherever that may be. If the market changes or your needs change, our experts are flexible enough to adjust. The independent agents at Petrochem Advisors are not beholden to any specific strategies, policies, or coverage. We get to know our clients and build their personalized retirement planning strategy with state-of-the-art research and resources. Connect with an agent today and experience the top-notch customer service and results Petrochem Advisors has become known for.